Waterless & Odourless Urinals

Upgrade your Urinals from Flush to Waterless

The advantages of upgrading

  • Save Water
  • No Smell
  • Save Money up to 600 %
  • Pays For Itself in less then half a year
  • Protect Environment no water - less sewerage
  • No Chemicals
  • Low Maintenance, Self Cleaning Properties
  • No Block thanks to Bernoulli's laws
  • Universal fits most urinals on the SA market
  • Vandal Resistant as no flushing device required, therefore lowprofile
  • Simple one single element based on latest technology
  • Fast change element within seconds
Waterless Urinal Upgrade Explained >>

Addicom's low cost bowl: The Addicom SVR -MUrinal bowl

Some technical information
Height: 420 mm
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Material: Polyethylene
Polyethylene is one of the most inert
materials and has very good "non stick"
Weight: 1.4 kg
This urinal bowl is extremely price
effective and vandal resistant.
It is ideal for public installations like
schools, sport facilities etc.

Urinals can now be installed any where around town in virtually "no time"

The unique fastening systemallows the urinal to be hung like a picture using only one screw.

The EcoSmellstop fitting can be used in conjunction with other bowls supplied by the trade.

Bring the facilities to the people, as the people won't go to the facilities!

The touch-free EcoSmellstop fitting

EcoSmell Stop fittings
  • Encapsulated EcoSmellstop element can be withdrawn within seconds for maintenance, simply turn and pull!
  • No U, P or bottle trap is needed. The 50 mm drainpipe is attached directly to the socket.