Waterless Urinal Benefits

Sceneries that areimpossible with waterless urinals

Ugly sight
Foul smell
A syphonic urinal cannot block and cannot be upgraded unfortunately it has to be replaced (However these urinals are extremely heavy water wasters)

A blocked urinal will lead to floods The EcoSmellstop (ESS) element can pass particles up to 2 mm and blockages are therefore not possible

Leaking elements
The EcoSmellstop (ESS) system is accessible, absolutely touch free, from the top. And therefore cannot leak!

Chemicals (anti-smell cubes & others) Odour improving chemicals do not remove a problem but merely mask it. They are extremely expensive and a burden to the environment.

DestroySmell is a 100% biologic liquid which "destroys" the source of the smell and is very cost effective!

Vandalism The EcoSmellstop system has proved incredibly vandal resistant as there is little to vandalize!

Old technology The EcoSmellstop system is piped without a trap directly into the drain. (bottle traps are very vulnerable to damage)

The ESS element doubles up as Vacuum breaker