SaniSplit Pump

Well, install a bathroom, a kitchen or a laundry wherever you like - do not worry about invert levels - you do not need to "cut" up your house to install a 100mm drainpipe!

SaniSplit Pump Diagram
Sanisplit pump takes with confidence hot water from a dish washer or washing machine! Incredible performance pump with confidence up to 9m (Tecma is the only Mini-Macerator pump achieving that!) Grandma has a hip problem, Farther, a history professor, installed a toilet in her room over the weakend
  • Use small bore piping
  • Use 240V, 15A standerd plug
  • 4-year guarantee who can match that
  • Fast exchange service

The Italian Tecma SaniSplit pump, a masterpiece in engineering, is used where the invert levels do not correspond.

Addicom is representing this pump in Southern Africa. This pump gives the professional a complete design freedom.

With this unit it is virtually possible to install a "Spa in the lounge over the weekend". The pump has a unique design which allows the drive module to be removed for maintenance without having to touch any piping.

The pump is extremely powerful and it is possible to use one unit for more than one toilet at the time.

Have you ever experienced a free maintenance period of 1460 days?

Yes, that's right! 1460 days or 4 years lasts the guarantee. (double EU standards)

With the 4-year guarantee on the Tecma SaniSplit Mini-Macerator-Pump you do not need to worry about unspecified future costs! (conditions apply)

Our fantastic FAS Service, or Fast Assistance Service, will guarantee an exchange unit right to your doorstep within 24 hours in case of trouble. The days of cumbersome and expensive maintenance are a thing of the past!

The truth about our startling four year guarantee is revealed by the European Chief Engineer, Alessio Presti, at Tecma's factory in Italy: "The pump has been designed along accepted top quality standards which are applied for many other products such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Ferrari with its outstanding Formula 1 record.

Your pump will complete 58'400 cycles in considerably more than four years, which is less than half of its design life. Four years and more in today's high tech environment is a commonly expected life time, and therefore our four year guarantee is fully justified"