KZN Department of Education

KZN Department of Education specified our urinals for rural schools (approximately 700 urinals)

Rustenburg Stadium

Early 2000 up to present
Rustenburg Stadium (approximately 250 urinals)

Ellis park stadium

Ellis park stadium (approximately 250 urinals)

Carlton Centre Johannesburg

1983/1984 up to present

University of Potchstroom

1985 up to present University of Potchstroom (approxiametly 100's of units)

Kruger Park

1985 up to present


Hydro Dynamcis

Dear Mr. Dahm

After testing your Eco Smell Stop Waste Valves at the Zuurberg Mountain Inn (2 Units) and at Ford Motor Company (4 Units) here in the Port Elizabeth area I wish to informyou that we had tremendous success and much positive feedback regarding your products.

We are now busy with installations at Eveready (8 Units), Wells Estate Blue Flag Beach (4 Units), and Hobie Beach (12 Units). The product has also been specified for use at the new office blocks for the Coega IDZ (28 Units) as well.

We look forward to continuing success and further advancements with your products in the future If at any time you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to phone me at the office on (041) 585 9820 or my cell on 082 259 0445. I can also be reached on email at .

Departmental Manager Building Maintenance

Dear Peter

The University has first started installing EcoSmellsop urinal units in January 2003 after having experienced a lot of problems with the old urinal units in toilets on the Main Campus. Since installation of above units we've found that these waterless one way valve urinals are not only cost effective, they have a neat appearance and require very little maintenance.

We would certainly recommend any company/business/department to rather install waterless one way valve urinals than any other type, e.g. flushmaster, etc. The waterless one way valve urinal definitely saves on water consumption and this is an added advantage.

Yours sincerely
JGL Schutte
Departemental Manager Building Maintenance
University of Potchefstrom