About Addicom

Addicom is in the game of Waterless Urinals since 1983.

In 2003 we patented a chemical free system reducing the maintenance by 90%. The EcoSmellstop system, as we named it, may be used with a variety of bowls, made in different shapes and materials. Our system therefore allows a considerable architectonic freedom in design.

One of our core activities is the upgrading of existing water flushed urinals to waterless. Our units can be used throughout the whole spectrum from top luxury building to rural applications.

We attracted a huge interest amongst NGO's to integrate our system into "Urine Diversion Toilets". The latter combine a toilet and a waterless urinal gathering the urine of both sexes to be used as fertilizer.

A Waterless Urinal saves lots of water. Raw water is treated at source, pumped and used for flushing (transformed into sewerage) and then treated again. These processes use a considerable amount of energy! Electrical energy, made mainly in coal fired power stations is carrying a considerable "carbon footprint"! A waterless urinal in a public facility may use up to 250'000 liters of water per year, equivalent to 360 kwh. This amount of energy is used by an average motor car to travel from Johannesburg to Durban!

Since mid - 2006 we and our affiliate companies have sold aound 1/4 million urinals around the globe, from Antarctica to northern Europe. These sales are your insurance that the EcoSmellstop system is recognized for its outstanding value, quality and contribution to the environment

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